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need help/suport


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been on valium&opiates for19 years back injury. meds prescribed by phys. as needed

have started taper currantly on 13.5 mgs valium lots of side effects. help

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Welcome liljoe,


Glad you found us.  Make yourself at home, and feel free to ask questions.  We are a friendly, understanding, and nonjudgemental group here.


the best to you



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Hello liljoe,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies, you will find some very kind and caring people here willing to offer help and encouragement as you taper.  I'm sorry to hear about your back injury, I hope it is better now.


Yes, there can be many side effects with withdrawal from benzos. Here is a link to the Ashton Manual, there is a lot of great information there.




Please feel free to ask questions, we're here for you.



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Welcome liljoe,

What side effects are you having from w/d?  Sometimes knowing that what you're experiencing is part of the process is a big comfort.

Challis :smitten:

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hello c

having mild hallucinations sound and visual , tremors,jumpy, ANGER

heart pounding irregular out of my ears, panic attacks 5x worse than when

i was put on the meds for,haven,t left house for 3 months xept doc apptments,

jittery, sensitive to light& sound, nasty taste in mouth. they seem to be worse

5 days after i tapered down 10 percent.

was taking 30mg day was clueless about benzos got down to 5mg day

in 6 weeks. started 12 6 2011 middle off jan. all hell broke loose

bumped back up to 5mg 3x day. just did 10 percent taper 3 weeks ago

down to 13.5 3x day. today is the best day in 3 months.is 10 percent taper to much?

should i wait awhile then try another drop?

just want off this poison.

see your on xanax heard that harder to come off than valium

sounds like you struggle to. im trying figure how to write and

post my story and read about others .ive never used pc to communicate

and tpye with one finger. not a god time to start learning

thanxs for response

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Not to minimize your symptoms, they're real and very upsetting, but more to reassure you...these all sound like typical side effects of w/d from benzos, made worse by probably tapering too fast.  Have you read Dr. Ashton's manual?  Recommended 5% to 10% every two weeks to avoid the worst side effects.  I had all your symptoms except the hallucinations when I tapered off Xanax too fast in February. 


I'm not in the medical profession, just another one going through this, but from reading about other people's experiences and going through it myself, yes, you might want to consider holding at the dose you're at until the symptoms subside.  When they do, then cut 5% for two weeks and see how you do. 


The winners of this race are the slowest ones.  Yes, we all want to be off this stuff, but going too fast really complicates things and can make your recovery stretch out longer.


Challis :mybuddy:

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liljoe, sorry you are having a hard time. I too have a back injury and was prescribed pain meds that got me in trouble. went to an addiction specialist to get off the narcotics with suboxone. what a racket that was, then prescribed xanax to get off of that. i went from the frying pan into the fire, thought i was going to die. Now i'm 7 months clean of everything and feeling sooo much better. I can say that even though the narcotic withdrawal is real bad the benzo w/d is 10 x worse. If nothing else the length of it. Are you off the narcotics completely? If not i would taper that first and try to hold the benzo until the narcotics are out of your system then work on the other. there are a lot of great people here who will chime in and support you. I hope you have a good doctor that will support your slow tapering also. keep posting so we know how you are doing,rstud
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