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Insomnia Caused by Long-Term Klonopin Use


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I was just wondering if anyone knew why long-term Klonopin use causes insomnia?  In my case, I don't think it is due to interdose withdrawal.  The reason I say that is because there have been times that I was sleeping soundly and my alarm clock woke me up so that I could take my morning dose of Klonopin.  After I took it, however, I could not go back to sleep (even though I was extremely tired).  If I didn't take it, I would have no problems going back to sleep.


I have read that long-term benzo use can cause insomnia (even if you are not tapering or weaning off of them), but I'm not sure of the mechanics as to why this happens.  Any ideas?


Thanks so much!





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Towards the end of my years using klonopin at night, I found I was often anxious 30 minutes after I took my little green pill. I remember asking myself if there was some way klonopin was actually making me anxious? It was not a pleasant experience.  I am grateful to be off that poison.



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