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Anybody's experiences with Cipro while on benzos?


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Hello everyone,


I'm currently on .75 mg klonopin at night.  Two weeks ago I was experiencing urinary symptoms and went to my doctor, who prescribed Cipro for 3 weeks.  I figured that was too much medication, but he wanted to ensure that all the bacteria is killed off if I have prostatitis.  Anyway, before I started the cipro I was doing quite well on .75 mg klonopin (anxiety under control, sleeping well, relaxed, appy in general).  I didn't notice any unusual symptoms until about the ninth or tenth day of taking cipro-basically I felt a lot of anxiety for no reason, and I'm very agitated at times during the day.  I'm also dizzy too.  I now know that cipro is a floroquinolone and according to the site "the worst type of med to take while withdrawing or in recovery from benzos."  Needless to say, I went to another doctor and explained my situation and he said that since my urinary symptoms are gone the infection's probably gone too.  He prescribed a week's worth of bactrim.  Anyone out there experience adverse pyschological effects from cipro or a related antibiotic? 



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I've seen quite a few members complain of reaction once they took a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, some described as very debilitating. I'm sure they will chime in soon. Also, you can probably find a lot of info if you typed cipro in the search function too.


Take care,



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Back in November I stopped Ativan ct after about two to three weeks use at a dose of 1 to 1.5 mg a day as needed. Few days later after stopping I had wd for about 4 days of sever anxiety/depression along with other interesting smaller symptoms that went away over a few weeks. Just a little back story info. I haven't taken any ativan since mid November and seemingly wd symptom free since early December. I also take 20mg Lexapro.


About 4 weeks ago I started having urgent and frequent need to urinate. Sometimes difficulty urinating. Went to my GP and had urine test done along with all std testing and a prostate exam. My prostate was inflamed on one side indicating possible infection and acute prostatis. I was prescribed 2 weeks Doxycycline. Symptoms improved after a few days but returned to lesser extent at the end of my prescript. Dr then gave me two weeks of Cipro. I was aware of the issues with antibiotics from this family of drugs from reading through the Ashton Manual. However there are limited options for treating prostratis besides a few other fluoroquinolone and Bactrim. Bactrim I'm already sensitive and allergic to.


Reluctantly I started the Cipro not having much optional treatment choices. I seemed to handle the it fine with no apparent side effects. Then in the last few days of taking it I started to have some mild frequent urination plus feeling blah which then became nervousness on to anxiety, depression and insomnia the last day I took it (yesterday). Now after 36 hours since my last dose of cipro my anxiety and depression seem to steadily be diminishing. I went back to my Dr today for a follow up and the frequent urination. My prostate was checked again and there is still a little inflammation and he wanted me to do another course of Cipro. I brought up the issue of the Anxiety and Depression symptoms. He didn't feel they were brought on by the Cipro.....I didn't mention anything about Benzo wd/recovery and fluoroquinolone (I wasn't thinking). He did think it could be plausible for the Cipro to interfere with the effectiveness of the lexapro.


Me and my Dr decided to wait a week or so without starting anymore Cipro and see if my anxiety and depression goes away and if the prostratis has been treated effectively. If my mood returns to normal but I still have frequent urination or progression of symptoms I have to make the decision to take Cipro again.


I just wonder is the Anxiety/Depression were side effects of the Cipro (it is listed as possible adverse side effects)? Was the cipro affecting the effectiveness of my lexapro? Or did Cipro start aggravating wd symptoms? 36 hours later after my last cipro pill the anxiety and depression are about half of what it was yesterday.

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