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I'm watching National Geographic's "Life in a Day", and all is going swimmingly, watching people from around the world with their self-submitted vidoes about what happens during their day. All of a sudden, we're watching this cow...a guy puts a gun right on the cows head and pulls the trigger. The cow struggles and fights to keep standing, and then the guy points the gun at his head and pulls the trigger AGAIN.....cow slowly stops moving.  5 seconds later someone slits his throat open.




It's 10 minutes later and I had to just stop the movie. WTH?!?!  That is not ok.  Thinking of complaining on the National Geographic website....what the hell??????


That's like, insensitive.  They should've had  a warning about animal violence.  That was one of the worst things I've ever had to witness, unfortunately.


What should I do? Would you guys complain?!?



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I would complain strenuously, Spring50.  That is awful!  It's bad enough for us adults but what if a kid was watching that?  Unacceptable!  :tickedoff:
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thanks beeper.  seriously!


I emailed a complaint letter to NG.  I wish I had been forewarned.  I would NOT have watched it in that case.


I guess the positive that could come out of this is I can think seriously about eating less meat...? I dunno.

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Its the way animals are slaughtered, its a fact of life.  I was raised on a farm and saw animals slaughtered, so it probably wouldn't have bothered me but I can see how it would bother many people.  Including it in a supposedly family friendly venue was wrong.  Perhaps they wanted to portray the reality of how many people live and the reality of the food chain.  It isn't a pretty sight.  That's no excuse and I can see how shocking it would be to someone not expecting it.  I'm sure voicing your complaint was cathartic and you were right to do it.



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yeah it was horrid but someone later told me that those are stun guns and just stun the animal and don't cause pain.............dunno?!


But as an animal lover......UGH!!!

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