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hi I'm new here


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Hi everyone - its so good to have found somewhere to get support - so a little about me - i live in London and was prescribed lorazapan by my doctor just over 12 months ago during a period of acute anxiety owing to a past trauma. i was prescribed one mg four times a day. I was also receiving excellent therapy for the trauma from a psychotherapist. Gradually the therapy relieved the the problems i was having with the past trauma and so i decided to come off the lorazapan.

This has been the start of a whole new nightmare however. i have a very understanding doctor but she has very little knowledge in this area and the only support service available in the greater London area is not in my borough and i cannot therefore access it. I have managed to come down to 3 tablets a day and one diazepan at night and i am starting to scrape just a little off two of my tablets so as to take this withdrawal very gradually as i have been told this is the safest way to do it.

the side effects i am experiencing are totally debilitating.

my mind is foggy and sludgy and i cannot concentrate at work - i have had to take leave.

my muscles ache and the muscle pain in my neck and shoulders is at times unbearable

i have no energy

i feel depressed and weepy a lot of the time

mostly i feel very alone as i have been unable despite trying hard to find a support group anywhere in my area. so its scary.

i am really hoping to find here the friendship and support that will make this process bearable and successful.

my partner is wonderful but is as confused by all this as i am.


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Hi thoroughbred,


Welcome to BenzoBuddies.


I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. It sounds like you may have tapered too quickly. This might be why you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms. After I make a cut, I generally wait until I feel better before making another cut. If I were you, I'd hold off on making any more cuts until you feel stabilized.


It's generally thought it's best to cut no more than 5%-10% every 1-2 weeks. You can make small, accurate cuts by either trying liquid titration (Here is the link to our titration board. Please read the sticky topics at the top of the board -- http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?board=62.0 )..as well as crossing over to a longer acting benzo like valium.


Ask questions. Our members are very knowledgeable and eager to help.






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Hello thoroughbred,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies, we are so glad you found us.  There are so many kind and caring people here to support you in your taper and recovery.


As Hope said, slow and steady wins the race as far as tapering goes.  Please read the taper boards, I am no expert in that but many people will be willing to help you.


This process can be confusing and scary but know that you are not alone.  I am ever so grateful I found this site, it has been a lifeline for me.



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Welcome Thoroughbred !


Your will find a lot of support and good information here. It is especially helpful in affirming that the symptoms you are having a real and part of the withdrawal process.

The taper board will be helpful for you especially if you want to do a direct or substitution taper. This journey takes alot of patience so be kind to yourself. This forum is especially reassuring to know that you are not alone and with a single post you can get feedback from others on symptoms you are having. I like reading the success stories because that provides hope to all of us on the journey.


take good care!



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