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Not sure if I am still gng to recover !!All my muscles and bones are broken


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Its almost 3 mths straight and I am not dng as good as I use to, windows dont come anymore, the only thing that waxes and anes is the burning/stinging, I got hit really hard with all muscular symptoms 24-7 almost 3 mths ago after using jets on my back and neck , I have been daily having spasms , cant move my neck, extremly heavy neck, shoulders, neck feel like  its gng to  fall off , cant even turn it anymore, I struggle lifting my arms above my head and when I do I start to have deep burning on my mid back and arms, ankle feels sprained, wrist feels sprained , calf of my left leg feels swollen all the time , extremly heavy legs and arms, fingers feel broken , all on my left side , fingers on both hands . I had a MRI done a week ago, it showed I had a few Mild bulging disks , never had an accident at all!!! this was a copy of my MRI ...


At C2/3,there is mild disc bulging.


At C2/4 and C4/5,there is mildmild central disc bulging and minor osteophyte indenting the thecal sac.


At C5/6,there is diffuse disc bulging and osteophyte,more prominent centrally .


At C6/7,the disc is unremarkable.


At C7/T1,there is very mild disc bulging and minor osteophyte,


No cervical disc herniation or spinal stenosis is demonstrated.


The Cervical spinal cord is otherwise within normal limits in signal intensity . No evidence of cervical cord demyelination is seen. The cerebellar tonsils are normally located.




Impression....Mild degenerative chnge as described. Mild Scollosis of the cervicothoracic junction convex to the left.  Interval development of some loss of height involving upper thoracic vertebrae , mainly involving the superior endplates. This may be related to insufficiency fractures . I s there a history of significant trama or osteoporosis ? correlation with bone moneral densitometry may be helpful.


I never any trama at all ever!!!!


I am worried I am never gng to recover , I cant believe how bad I have been in the past 3 mths , none stop pain , I am almost 22 mths off and still got worst , do this ever end ever!!!!!!! I still have the triggering , any stimuli I start to burn or sting , it calms down sometimes but always ther !!!!!!!



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