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Help needed! Ativan straight C/O to Valium


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Hey everyone, I am really i need of advice, thoughts, opinions. I just saw a new doctor yesterday because I need to wean off of 1 mg ativan that I take only at night for sleep. He agreed to switch me over to valium. He wanted me to stop the ativan completely and switch right to valium. So he wanted me to start with my first dose beginning with 8 mg of valium. However, I did show him the schedule I printed from the benzo.org.uk website. After started the switch to valium last night I realized it seems he has me weaning/switching to fast. He wants me to wean of with schedule like this:

1st week-8mgs valium

2nd wk-6 mgs valium

3rd wk-4 mgs valium

4th wk-2mgs valium

5th wk -1 mg valium

A couple of times during the appointment he kind of chuckled and said this is much slower schedule than we normally do. He is fairly old and does not speak english very well and I am afraid he may not have understood the schedule to well. I did try to call him but no answer back yet. If he says to continue with the schedule as he recommends, what do I do?  Do I just switch to 9 mgs of valium and do the benzo.org website taper schedule or what. Need some expert opinions PLEASE help! 

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That sounds way too fast to me.  You may need to do some doctor shopping.  I don't have as much experience with substitution tapers as a lot of other people here and hopefully someone will chime in soon with some advice. 


I do know that crossover from Ativan to Valium usually takes a lot longer than what you're describing, and you shouldn't even begin to cut the Valium until you've finished the crossover and you're feeling pretty stable, so this schedule you've given doesn't sound at all like what usually works for people.

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