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Havent read too much about people having trouble walking or lifting things.  I mean not just "jelly legs' but jelly hands, jelly ankles,


jelly arms, jelly back ect.  I also have INCREDIBLE anxiety.  I am trying to figure out what triggers this because it is VERY hard to hide


the fact, that sometimes, i cant walk without stumbling.  Anyone else have this or am i as alone as i feel?  Also what causes this? 


thanks for responding.  Heal well buddies Candy :smitten:

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Hi Candy,


If you go to the Withdrawal and Recovery support board you will find many buddies who have the same symptoms as you.  I have had them as well.  For months I had bruises everywhere on my legs because I would keep running into things around the house. Even though you are 5 months off, it is still considered early on in recovery.  The time line for recovery is 6-18 months. For me the physical symptoms are the ones lingering.  I still have muscle tremors and tightness and sore body at times, but it is getting better all the time.


These symptoms are very scary and if you feel worried its best to get things checked out by a doctor.  I did and at least then I knew it was just withdrawal.  Also, these symptoms do cause anxiety because they are so strange.  Remember that they won't hurt you and they will go away.  It takes time for the cns to reset itself, it can't be hurried or controlled.


Try some nice breathing exercises, breath in for 3 counts, hold it and exhale for 6 counts. Find ways to stay distracted and remember that these sxs will go away and you will heal.




pianogirl  :smitten:


link to Withdrawal and Recovery Board


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