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tapering off of ativan is my taper plan ok?


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started taking 1mg of ativan once a day in Dec because of med concern then jan took 1 mg morning and 1mg at night on feb 17 I stopped taking the ativan as I did not know it was addictive Feb 19 ended up in hospital where I was told I was in full blown withdrawls. I was very confused and sick.. they explained it was from taking the ativan

They put me back on .5mg three times a day

I went to a compounding pharmacy and they did all the work for me in capsules mixed with somethnig like alfalfa..

so I started at .5 mg three times a day I am doing a 5% cut once a week

.5 x3 week one

0.475 x3 week two

0.45 week three

0.425 now for a week etc

when I am all done I will be finishing with a week at 0.025 one time a day

is this going to work? I am doing ok I have some really bad mornings and some crazy anxiety. this plan is for 23 weeks. does this sound like a good enough plan? I am pretty bad two days or so after my cut but then by the end of the week I am doing better then I cut again!! ahhhh

thank you for your time and support!!!

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Sorry about the 5% i am not understanding the math so husband says that my cut is alot less then 5% iam noot sure on the math so it is apparently miniscule i am confused then why am i having such hard times man this sucks!! And now i feel silly.i sont understand any of this
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