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What can you do and not do in withdrawl? what symptoms do you still have?


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I am entering my  5 th month benzo free<  I can work about 3 hr a day,  drive  2 hrs have trouble  standing for  more than  1 hr become easily fatiqued have  dr  cog fog  dr tintius easily confused not real steady on my feet, would love to hear from others  thanks  bando
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Hi Bando,


It depends day to day...but I am a mom.  So getting up first thing and making my kid's lunch for school, packing her bag, and then walking her to school every day is a MUST.  So even after a night of panic and/or insomnia, I have to get up to do this.  Many morning I have walked her there with VERY puffy eyelids.  :o


I can socialize.  Not all the time.  But we do go to friends for an evening and stay up till midnight or a longer...just sitting and chatting/laughing/listening to music. 


I get out all the time to shop whether alone or w/ my hubby/a friend.  We've gone on day-long excursions as well as quick outings in the evening.  I've had to go out when I'm feeling like dry-heaving which is never fun, but i just breath through it and remind myself that I've never vomited through this process, so why now?  It's hard though. 


I do not work but I wouldn't be anyways b/c I won't look for work until my child can get to/from school on her own and stay alone at home safely.  I have a few years for that.  I keep our home clean though, make meals, attend school functions at my daughter's school and volunteer every now and then at her school. 


I find I feel much more tired if I push myself.  I think I'm building up strength lately and I can tell I am strongly mentally and physically, but it's still very exhausting - more mentally then anything. 


We are getting there!  I'm 7.5 months and I really began to see good progress after the 6 month mark.  Literally the day after 6 months, things began to improve. 


All the best and hang in there,


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