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feedback please


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I am considering titration.


Since I have been at the same dose since mid January and have not been able to stabilize I'm thinking about switching from pill splitting to titration to allow for smaller cuts.


Currently down to 0.75 mg clonazepam from 5 mg.  I dose 4 times per day. 

0.25 mg in the morning, 0.125 mg mid-day, 0.125 mg in the afternoon, 0.25 mg in the evening.


I would like to do water titration so that I can see the particles.  However, I've read that a lot of people have difficulty keeping the particles suspended in water.


Using milk as the suspension medium worries me as I would not be able to see the particles.


Any feedback on different methods for titration would be appreciated.



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I would take a look at Benzofreedom.com, they specialise in Milk Titration. Basically in milk Klon will form a solution which is a more evenly distributed result than suspending particles in water. The process used at BF is a really simple one, I suggest you take a look.


Take care



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I use water for titration so I can see how evenly suspended it is.  I just keep stirring the solution as I draw it up, so it doesn't have time to settle.


You may want to experiment to see what works best for you.

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Hi mmgc,


It's really personal preference. As was mentioned, if you use whole milk that fat in the milk creates a better suspension for the medication. It's a better suspension than water but the particles still do tend to either sit on top or float to the bottom. It just takes them a longer time to settle than it does with water.


Other members like the idea of water because, as you've said, they can see the particles. If you give the jar a good shake (it's best not to stir as this can create a vortex and this causes the particles to adhere to the sides of the container) then immediately draw out your daily cut, it should work pretty well. The key is to keep shaking to keep them suspended.


Also, make sure you fill the container up with water a few times after you've taken your dose, and swish the water around a bit and drink it. This ensures you get any bits that have been left behind.


I would also suggest, when you make the cross over to titration, that you keep your dose the same. Some member have some symptoms after they change to titration. This might be due to some of the medication being lost during the titration procedure.

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