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9 month update- 6/11/11 to 3/11/12


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Hi Buddies,


Today is my 9 month anniversary.  I don't do an update every month but thought I would today.  Did I really think I would still be suffering withdrawal now when I started my taper and still was not benzo wise.  Heck no!!  I have accepted that it is a healing process that I don't control, really hard for a control freak.


That being said I am happier than I have been in 3 years.  I am so happy to be off meds and to know why I was sick for so long.  I can't thank the people here enough for helping to educate me and others about this process.


Many things are better, here's the list:


anxiety: really none

depression:was never really a factor except when I was so afraid of what was wrong with me

sleep: so much better post benzo, its finally real sleep with real dreams.

night sweats, really smelly: gone

very frequent urination: gone, I can wear pants with belts now, no hurry

shaky hands: gone

memory: much better

balance and coordination: much better

GI symptoms: better with careful eating


Lingering symptoms:


muscle issues: internal twitching, pulling, tightness

dizziness: much less but still occasionally upon getting up

adrenalin in am: less but still rears its ugly head at times

fatigue: still pretty strong.  A long day really makes me scary kind of tired.


I had a super long list of symptoms after my first ct of ativan which I had to do for a medical test. I also had a much much longer list last summer at the end of my taper and when I jumped off.


So there is lots of progress, sometimes painfully slow but its there.  I am so glad I am where I am today compared to where I was this time last year.  Just wait until next year!!!!




pianogirl  :smitten:

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PG, congratulations!  9 months is huge, so much recover time behind you that you'll never have to go through again. You're well on your way.  ;D



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I am so glad that you posted your 9 month update!  You are so very, very close to 110% healing!  :)Much love, Klonkers

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So very,very happy for you.  The ordeal is over and now you just have to finish healing.  Thanks for being there for me.


Hugs and prayers,


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