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I'm new, from TRAP


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I'm a migrant from TRAP (and BI previous to TRAP). I've been benzo-free for 2 1/2 years, and free from all pharmaceuticals for 2 years. The benzos I was on were Ativan and Restoril. The other prescriptions were Coreg and Captopril for a former heart condition caused by a cancer treatment (my heart was fine previous to that), Trilafon for OCD, and Lamictal for bipolar (misdiagnosis). After several years of being in daily multi-prescription misery and I was trying to decide whether or not to go off the prescriptions, someone told me that prescriptions are addicting and that tapering off is the way to go off, thus I made the decision to taper, starting with the benzos. Unfortunately, they didn't know about the Ashton manual or taper tools. I tapered too quickly and inaccurately off most of the prescriptions, starting with Ativan. It was painful and frightening. After Ativan, I tried to decide how to go off Restoril capsules. It occurred to me to open the capsules and taper. My now-ex-psychiatrist talked me out of it. So I c/t'ed. The result was migraines, confusion, severe full-body pain, and other side effects I don't remember. (Disclaimer: this is my own personal experience. It's not a rant against psychiatrists or doctors.) Next were the heart pills. I was on low doses, and my heart's functioning was approaching what it was previous to cancer treatments. I think I c/t'ed. (Disclaimer: I don't recommend c/t off heart prescriptions.) Then I tapered too quickly off Trilafon. Then Lamictal. The side effects of tapering too fast off Lamictal were uncontrollable rage, de-realization, and others I don't remember. I recently found the Lamictal withdrawal site 'Furious Seasons', and a site about benzos and Lamictal, and a site about MSG. I've discovered that seafood triggers my Lamictal w/d rage. Thus, it is with much sadness that I've needed to temporarily stop eating it.


From August through December 2010 (5 months after finishing the too-quick Lamictal taper), I was bed-ridden, very ill with frequent fevers and other symptoms, including a night and morning of stomach cramping and vomitting in October, during which I went to the ER. :'(  They did tests, but the only thing they found was an irritable bowel. I don't remember the other symptoms. I was too ill to think about researching withdrawal on the internet.


How I wish I'd listened to my instincts about opening the Restoril capsules, and how I wish I'd known to taper slowly.  :'(


I was able to concentrate on research in February of last year, and wanted to know why I was experiencing leg cramps, leg weakness, nausea, tactile hallucinations, dizziness, headaches, and other symptoms I don't remember. I joined BI, and was advised to stop eating sugar, cheese, and processed food. When I read information on BI, TRAP, and Furious Seasons, I understood what I've gone through the past 19 years. I was prescribed Paxil in 1993. I was on it for only 2 or 3 days, but I think it destroyed the good bacteria in my digestive tract, and the rest is history.


I don't drink alcohol or do illegal drugs.


I lost a lot of weight last summer and fall. My doctor doesn't know why. The good news is that I'm slowly gaining weight now. I get good fats through avocadoes, almonds, sesame oil in my vegetable stews, and potato chips (from a health food store).


I recently ate some cheese spread and tamales, after a year of no cheese, to see if my body is ready for it. I'm not ready for the spread, but I can eat small amounts in tamales now and then.


I use the cognitive therapy I've learned to chip away the OCD. I still have brain fog, though it's dissipating gradually.


I'm in my 7th year of remission.


I undergo chiropractic adjustments to manage pain, maximize blood circulation, and maximize my body's ability to heal itself. I eat organic food.


I want to join because I need moral support to get me through the brain fog and de-realization, and because I'm experiencing lots of skin peeling on the front of my neck, as well as on my face above my right jaw. I'm seeing my doctor about it on Thursday. I imagine it's withdrawal s/e, not a skin condition, but I'll see on Thursday. I use an organic skin lotion (Aubrey's) for my face, and I mix Aveeno colloidal oatmeal into the lotion for my body.



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Welcoming you to BenzoBuddies.


We have many members from TRAP here.


You will find plenty of support here.



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Hello Flower..


Welcome, I'm an exTRAP member also.. :) There are many of us here.. Mostly we are settled in the buddy blogs section.. You will be well supported here.. We were made to feel very welcome by all the fab BB people.


Looking forward to catching up with you.


Big hug,

Betsy xxxx

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Hello Flower :hug:

Welcome to Benzobuddies, i am an evictee from BI and then TRAP.

It wont take you long to settle here we are a great bunch of people

Sorry for what your going through, you will get much support here




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Hi flower, also here from trap, glad you have found another suppott group. I too am trying to get far far away from ativan and temazepamc/t ativan in dec and now a slow liquid titration of temaz, I too was told by dr and pharmacist no need, sigh, glad I had found benzo buddies. Welcome aboard, Ladygrace
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Thank you Billy, Betsy, Margarita, and Ladygrace. It's good to be here!  :yippee:


I'm a part-time student. Between school and focusing on gaining weight, I can't post everyday, but please know how much I appreciate you and this site.  :smitten:

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