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Wonderful daily micro cuts


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Hi Everyone!

Today is the 4th day of daily micro cuts.  I am cutting .05mg per day of liquid valium.  Tomorrow I will have cut 1/4

of a mg.  If I had done that in one cut I would have been in the tank today and many days to follow.  But instead I was

able to do a 4 mile walk/jog after not being able to for many months.  I was a Marathon runner before the illness began

that required the Doctor's to put me on Ativan.  It was 60 degrees in Minnesota today!!  I felt hope, joy and strength

that I will be running Marathon's again someday!  First to Mimi a glorious thank you for helping me understand daily

micro cuts  :smitten: To everyone else you remain in my thoughts and prayers always!  We will all cross the finish

line!  This BB site has become my godsend and I feel blessed to be able to write on here.  I wasn't active on it when

I first started my withdrawal as I usually am not much of a writer but funny how things change, especially when we

need a friend!  We are all friends here!  Prayers and Blessings to all!!  Pam

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Congratulations Ppam! Daily micro cuts were the ticket for me. Thanks to the help of some wonderful folks on the forum, mimi being at the top of the list, I stepped off valium 3 months ago after a 22 month taper. With the exception of some insomnia and lingering gi issues I'm feeling about 75-80% on most days lately.


Keep up the good job.  :thumbsup:

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Way to go Ppam, isn´t Mimi great?!!!


Daily micro cuts here too from 12mg Valium equivalent now under 4mgs, time passes, it is a long process but as long as you remain well that is all that really matters right?


Great going Legos, always great to hear others that have micro-tapered their way out, so glad you are healing well.



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