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Klonopin + Estrogen Patch - which to get off first?


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So I'm back on the Klonopin after doing an unsuccessful w/d. Having lots of dryness issues which keep me up most of the night.


After I reinstated, I had a couple nights of intense hot flashes - I'm on the estrogen patch low dose of .025mg. When I upped the patch dose, it gave me relief from the flashes but also increased the dryness s/e. So the next night, I dropped down the patch dose, and guess what? The dryness eased up. What is going on here?


I also notes some threads re: Progesterone having Gaba properties. My GYN wants me back on progesterone - there is a risk of uterine cancer with just estrogen. Should I even start the progesterone?


Should I taper off the patch first? I was thinking it seems to alleviate this dryness w/d effect, the insomnia will come back, so the klonopin might help with that. Then do the klonopin taper - sloooow this time.


Any thoughts?

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I am going to give you a few links...which I know, is a lot of reading, but trust me it will be more than worth your while.  First off, benzo usage disrupts hormone production.  You did not state whether your problems began before or after taking benzos, but in either case this is important information you should know.  If you cannot understand it as it is pretty scientific, feel free to print it off and present it to your doctor.


On pages 1 and 3 of this thread I explain how benzos interfere with hormone production through suppression of the HPA Axis:





Progesterone is a Neuroactive steroid and is cross tolerant to benzos, therefore it is not a good idea to take it while attempting to discontinue benzos:





Hormone therapies have their own WD syndromes and you can even build up tolerance...this includes Estrogen.  Here is an article I posted on this thread which explains this:





I personally, if it were me, would wean off the Estrogen before beginning a Klonopin taper.  I say this after my own experience weaning off multiple drugs.  Benzo WD can last a very long time...so IMO it is best to tackle the drugs which have shorter periods of WD first. :)


Good luck to you.

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I did my withdrawal while using what's called an E-string. It's an estrogen ring that sits over the cervix.


Personally I think you may be too worried about the hormones.


I really don't believe in the term "failed taper." W/d is so damned scary. It's hard to do it without all our ducks lined up.


One of the things that's needed is a commitment to getting off, which involves enduring the misery of withdrawal. Benzos are a quick fix for anxiety, sleep, etc. In withdrawal we are called upon to view our symptoms differently. We are challenged to find long-term solutions and to avoid quick fixes. That's a big shift.


Well you can think this out to death . . . and still be caught in the web of problematic prescription drugs.

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