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I have a rather complex case, I have an autoimmune disease named Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome. It is a horrific illness, caught it from taking food supplements which contained contaminants. Have been seriously ill for 17 months. An hour after I took the supplements I was experiencing crazy panic attacks, had difficulty watching TV, amongst many physical symptoms, joint pain, cramps, night sweats, the illness has been very bizarre, dark and disturbing to say the least. A week into the illness docs prescribed me diazepam, which helped with the psychological issues of the illness a bit. Relaxed me a bit. After 4 months on diazepam, which in the initial two weeks was prescribed at 10 to 15 mg a day, I had levelled out at a dose of 6 mg. a day. I wanted to come off it. My GP told me to cut back a gram a week, and be off it completely in 6 weeks. I managed to get to 2mg in four weeks, then the gates of hell opened, I had seizures, hallucinations, incredible sensitivity to sounds, bright lights, chronic anxiety. I raised the dose to 4mg and decided to stabilise there. It took many months, which were absolute hell, I was sleeping two hours a night, nightly fevers on top of all the other symptoms, plus of course EMS. after several months (don't remember how ling exactly) the psychological hell balanced a bit, and I decided to cut back from the 4mg - I got Diazepam syrup, I am in the UK, and here 10ml of syrup equals 4mg tablet. (5ml = 2mg) I started on 10ml and weekly reduced by 0.2. Some weeks I felt close to my old self, others, a bit nervy but nothing like before. I managed to get to 3.6ml, which is less than 2mg. The last few weeks familiar withdrawals have been returning, hallucinations whenever I close my eyes, myoclonus, jerky muscle movements, night sweats, insomnia, (sleeping around 4 hours a night), anxiety and panic attacks. I have levelled off at 3.6ml taken at night, I do not want to increase it more, I want to stabilise at this level and then start reducing again, maybe in even smaller increments. I have written a couple books about my experiences since I became ill, one can be viewed at ********* and is called *******. The second is called *****. I want to get off the Valium completely, and am adamant to do so, it is hell. The problems is that a lot of Valium withdrawal symptoms mirror those of EMS, myoclonus, night sweats, insomnia, fasciculation, tremors, muscle pain, the list goes on and on. Until I get off this poison completely I have no way of knowing what effects from EMS remain. I am hopeful I can still make a recovery, a few did with EMS and I am certainly stronger than around 6 months ago when I could hardly walk. Think that is about it. I cannot believe Doctors prescribe Valium like aspirin, not warning of the dangers. I cannot believe they are so ignorant of the difficulties in coming off it.


Edit: link removed promoting sales of book and names of books with members name (personal information)


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Welcoming you to Benzo Buddies,


You will find plenty of support here.

If you have any questions, let us know.

Others will be around to weigh in shortly.



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Hello Henryk :hug:


Welcome to benzobuddies, sorry but dont know anything about EMS what an awful time you have had, you say you went from 6mg diazepam to 2 mgs in 6 weeks thats fast.  Your now on liquid valium 3.6ml. Well done to you for your taper so far.

You will get a lot of support here

Keep posting


Margarita :)

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