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Sleepless again


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Having insomnia again..I woke up at 5 PM the day before yesterday and haven't been able to sleep since.  Been up 35 hours now.  I've been trying my best to get some kind of regular schedule where I wake up at daytime and go to sleep at night but insomnia always takes over and I never fall asleep at the right time.


I hate this..I used to think that I would never have problems long term from benzo withdrawals and now it's happening to me.  I figured I would heal in a month or so and then it would be over with.  But I'm still dealing with insomnia and OCD after 6 months!  Unbelievable..


I feel kind of wired and not even sleepy yet.  I spent 12 or more hours laying in bed unable to sleep.  I would just lay there and get hypnagogia and sleep paralysis so I couldn't move.  I decided I'm just going to wait till I start yawning a lot and get sleepy to go back to bed.  I don't know if I should listen to music as I try to sleep or not..sometimes it helps and other times it doesn't.  Not sure what to do, but I'm sick and tired of this insomnia garbage.

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oh no Glyn :( I know for mos you have seemed to have had this problem.

I cant sleep without the radio on. i listen to same station every night coast to coast am

I never make it thru a whole program LOL


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