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exhausted and tire with this....


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Just feel a bit frustrate and want to blow some stream.


this is a funny world. It looks like I have an invisible man watching what I am doing and make sure things run in the opposite direction.


When I first put down the plan for doing titration, I am full of hope; next I run into the wall at 2.0mg.


Now I take the Remeron and it is doing ok, then I put down perhaps, I should have started with Remeron and hoping that will help me to run into the end in the next few months. Next, I run into a wall again.


I talk to my Mom and ask her not to worry about me; I run into a wall again.


I really want to ask St. Peter at the gate; what have I done to deserve this?

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Yes and keep in mind every little cut  gets us that much closer to freedom. Try and focus on the good days as much as possible. I know it's hard trust me been there doing that. Just got to keep our heads in the game . Hope you feel better soon.
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