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what a horrible saturday i had!


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I know I overdid it,I did a huge food shopping this past saturday,then when I got home I had to carry a million bags up to my apartment and I was exausted,then like an idiot,I decided I wanted to get my hair colored! So I took a cab to the salon down the street from me,and had my hair trimmed and colored,I had the most awful sx while waiting for my color to develop,I was very close to having a panic attack,this did not feel like my own anxiety either,it felt strange like it came from the wd,I thought I was gonna go crazy,then I took a prn and it lifted a little,but I was embarassed becouse the hair dresser thought I was a little indecisive,and I hadf to tell him what I was going through,come to find out,he had ocd!  I guess I tryed to do to much in one day!  Angel
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