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Titrating Ativan and Kinax


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Hi buddies


I started titrating the above meds on Monday, reducing 1% per day of each.


Am thinking to reduce 1% per day Monday to Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday hold. Does this sound wise? So basically I will be reducing 5% per week. Is this too slow?


Any opinions or suggestions will be hugely appreciated.



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Nothing wrong with that plan but just go as you feel, with the Ativan you will feel the cuts in just a couple days after you cut.


I believe in no more than 20% reduction per 30 days because that's what I did and it worked.

But I was on the benzodiazepine for many years so it was wise I went slow.


Good luck

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Thanks for your input Hope4u2. Did you have any withdrawal symptoms?


I am trying to stay away from reading the withdrawal horror stories, and keep positive, but am a little afraid of what is to come. How was your experience with titration?

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Hi Smiley,

Welcome! Defineately not too slow. I've been doing titrating Ativan for several months and found that I had to go slower than I planned. We are all different and you will know if you aren't stabilizing. When and if this happens, consider a slower pace. I dissolve my dose in water and every two weeks, extract 1 ml of it - then divide what's left over 3 doses during the day to prevent interdose withdrawal. I still have w/d symptoms, but they are completely manageable and I know what they are so they don't scare me anymore. For me, knowledge was power and having the knowledge (did a lot of reading - there are some really great books out there, not to mention Ashton) helped me develop a plan, along with some great suggestions from people on the forum. Just ask lots of questions and people will be along to help you. I wouldn't have made it without them!


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Hey buddies


Thanks for your response. So good to hear from other is the same boat.


Hope4u2 what symptoms did you have, and how can you counter or prevent them. Please help :)


Smiley :)

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Muscle cramps, so have a heating pad handy.

Insomnia, so try and find a natural sleep remedy

Anxiety, I used biofeedback to help myself.

Nausea, I ate pickled ginger some drink ginger tea.

I turned off the TV and only watched comedy movies.

I cut out MSG and ate organic foods, anything that I felt revved me was cut out of my diet. 

I went for walks daily.

I didn't spend time reading horror stories on these sites

I learned what I had to do and did it, the site I was a member of closed down in the middle of my taper.

I didn't add any supplements either.

When I was feeling flushed I had ice packs handy to cool me off.

I did anything I could to beat the anxiety.

Taper down and off and heal its all about time off the drug, you were not on long you will be fine don't worry.


I'm not saying you will have these symptoms but I did.



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