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wow did i mess up.

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hi all


I really need advise on how to continue. ok so i started my water titration in may 2011 at 1mg using (20 mls) of water cutting .2 ml daily. holds when needed. 2-3 weeks ago i got to my last ml and felt well. at that time i thought it would be best to change the way i was cutting to avoid wasting ativan so then i wouldnt have to make another trip to my doc for another refill. i started using (10ml) water with .25 ativan and subtracting the 1ml daily dose from there.


also a week ago i stopped taking my morning dose completely and take only one night dose.


as of now i am feeling really bad. mostly agitated and depressed. with moderate anxiety. dizzy and nauseous too.

i haven't felt this bad probably since the early stages of my taper.


one question i have is aren't i supposed to be using 20 mls of water??? and where does using 10 mls of water for 3 weeks leave me now??? have i up dosed like an idiot???


are the sx am feeling now most likely inter dose since i cut my morning dose?


what should i do now? feeling like crap and dont know what to do!! help!


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Hey there,


While I can't rule out that your change in mixing the solution is causing an issue, you should be aware that even if you had not changed your solution you would fairly definitely be experiencing withdrawal issues from eliminating your morning dose. 


I should say, I have never had split doses and have only ever taken mine at night, but I have read many other people struggle with splitting their doses, combining their AM and PM doses, and eliminating one or the other, and they all report a lot of symptoms.  Since you didn't start experiencing the symptoms until after you stopped your AM dose and this was 2-3 weeks after you changed how you mix your solution, I would suspect that this is just par for the course and will wear off as your stabilize.


Best wishes.



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Hi G


Thanks for the reply. congrats! you have been off for a good while now. i very much think my issues are from cutting out my morning dose, just need to try to ruff it out and hope to adjust sooner than later.


Starting to second guess my decision to cut out the morning dose, maybe i could have just kept cutting until there was nothing left to cut then jump...hmm. what is the normal routine when people get at that low stage of their taper?

Is it best to get to one dose and then jump?. anyone on here know?


best wishes G







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