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Wanting more Info


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Hi. I was treated for post-partum issues by my GP.


My GP said 1 year is too long a time deal with post partum issues. He said if I want to continue to take Valium (1 pill, I forgot the mg) I needed to see a psychiatrist.


It was very easy to stop taking the other medications like Ambian (short-term) and Trazadone (short-term) but I would rather just stop the Valium as well. However, for this I need to see a psychiatrist?


Well, apparantly I do. When I try to stop taking it I get an adrenaline surge that is out of this world. Or maybe I should stay on it. I haven't really decided. But this looks like a good place for information.





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Hi underdog29, welcome to BenzoBuddies


It's usually not a good idea to stop taking a benzo abruptly, it could be very dangerous, it's best to wean off slowly. This may be why your doctor wants you to see a psychiatrist since they are the ones that know more about these types of drugs.


You'll find a lot of information here, let us know if you have any questions.


Welcome aboard, Star


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Okay thanks. I wasn't expecting such a quick response.


I couldn't help but read your medications signature. You did a detox in a medical facility? I googled it, but they seem like ads, and don't tell me what it means. 


But the idea certainly appeals to me. One of my mom friends took Klonopin for many, many years. I am helping her and babysitting for her and she is having such a hard time coming off of Klonopin I don't want to end up like that.


I am following her advice and trying to inform myself. In fact, she showed me this website.


Thanks Again. There is a lot to read.





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Hi UnderDog,


Welcome :)


The consensus here typically is that detox is not really appropriate for Benzo withdrawal, despite their claims.  The fact that you are already on Valium and not one of the other benzos is certainly in your favor.  Many people on other versions of benzos (Klonopin as you mentioned, Ativan, Xanax) often choose to cross over to Valium as it seems to minimize side effects when tapering because it leaves the body more slowly.


If you haven't already read the Ashton Manual, that might be a good place to start.  Here is the link: http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/bzcha00.htm


This is a really good place to get information and ask questions.  I wish you a smooth journey. :)







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