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Anyone here with a history of migraines?

Mine have been absolutely out of control.

I'm not sure if it's due to the withdrawal or what?

I had to pay out of pocket today for additional migraine medication (imitrex) after using up my one month supply in one week.

Anyone with experience with this?

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Hi, Goto,


I have terrible migraines, too. Mine are a rare sort ("hemiplegic"), so I cannot take Imitrex. However before I was correctly d, I used it briefly: used to give myself injections (before it came out in pill form). Now, I have to just suffer thru the pain, or use painkillers (and btw: guess what's good for them? Ativan!!!  :o Not that I'm telling anyone to use it!) 


I get a few horrible ones per year, in which I often need the services of the local ER, as I have non-stop vomiting. They have been so bad, that a few times, I almost went thru the tunnel, and felt near death. I can sympathize! Hey, I pray daily for everyone on this BB!


Don't over use Imitrex, btw, or it can cause "rebound", I'm pretty sure. Any migraine drug can. They wreak havoc on your blood vessels. DO NOT use more Imitrex than recommended! If I remember correctly, it's VERY DANGEROUS!!! Talk to your doctor.


You have my empathy...

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I have suffered from migraine for the past 24 years. Mine are now considered chronic migraine (e.g., http://www.headaches.org/education/Headache_Topic_Sheets/Chronic_Migraine) for which I receive Botox therapy 4x per year. I also take daily Topamax and Baclofen. There are lots of types of prophylactic meds you can take (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/migraine-headache/DS00120/DSECTION=treatments-and-drugs) as well as rescue medications.


As TryingAgain said, when using any type of rescue medication, be it Imitrex, an OTC painkiller, or Rx painkiller, you need to limit the usage to <9 days month, or you will experience rebound headaches.


When I was able to taper Klonopin, I experienced more migraines and headaches, I think b/c (as my doctor explained it to me), the K helped act as a muscle relaxant. My migraines are often brought on by myofascial pain and trigger points in my neck and head, so those just got naturally aggravated as the K was lowered. Myofascial/TrP release can be very beneficial for helping migraines during your taper. Also see: http://www.sandianeurology.com/Chronic_Daily_Headaches.html for other ways to cut down on chronic daily headache.


This is a good book for TrP for headache and migraine: http://www.amazon.com/Trigger-Point-Therapy-Headaches-Migraines/dp/1572245255


Also, if you are on an AD and taking Imitrex, note there is a risk of seratonin syndrome, so talk to your doctor or pharmacist about any potential medication interactions.




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Well I've been getting migraines since I was six. So I'm a long time sufferer.  I actually did get into a rebound cycle once with imitrex. It was over ten years ago, so I'm familiar the dangers and signs of that.  I certainly don't want that to happen, but I get severely ill with my migraines.  So not medicating isn't really an option either.


I had a headache last night. Well after having two already that day. And I didn't medicate it and it went away.

I have a headache this morning that sure feels like a migraine.. cold fingers, behind my eye etc.. but I'll wait and see if it goes away before treating it. And if it gets bad I have injections..so.


My point is maybe at least some of these headaches aren't going to become full blown migraines. Maybe they are headaches of a different sort. This one however is probably a migraine.


Also CherryBlossom.. What is an AD? I'm pretty sure I'm not taking that.

But I did have a realization last night that the stress in my neck in shoulders could be what's causing this. It was a sort of epiphany... ha.


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AD = antidepressant (SSRIs can really help migraine sufferers but can be contraindicated with imitrex) as can some OTC supplements like St. John's wort and 5-HTP.


Yes, try some of the TrP release. Muscle tension can definitely rev up those headaches.


Icepacks at the occipital area can really help also.

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