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Low Kidney Function Test Results Today


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I just got all of my blood work back and I am low in Vitamin D, and

my kidney funtion is low.


It should be between 8.0 - and 21.5 and mine is 6.0. 


I am very concerned that this is very bad.


My doctors said not to worry, but how can I not.  I have never had abnormal test.


I don't know if there is a natural way to increase kidney funtion levels, or how to

help them along.  I do drink a great deal of water, will this help?


I don't mean to be so wiggy here, but I certainly don't want to end up with it getting



Is it normal to have low level functioning kidney's during w/d.  Will it fix itself?  Has

this happened to anyone else and things improved.


Is there something I can do to help them fuction better?





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I've had low kidney function test results before, but I also have chronic kidney stones. For me they said to drink tons of water and to stay away from caffeine and carbonated drinks, they say your urine should be slightly yellow. They also told me to make sure that my urine isn't, bloody (or pink), dark yellow, or cloudy. If your very concerned with this you can always get a second opinion from another doctor. Do you have to go back in a few weeks to do another function test to make sure it's getting back up to normal?
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Thank you Sassy.


Sorry to hear you are having kidney problems and thank you for the information. 


I don't drink any of the things you mentioned so that is good.  :)


I will keep an eye on my urine lol.


I was told that a bit of an underworking kidney is better than over working one.  I

hope that is true.



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