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How in dealing with this, it might help you.


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So I was on 3 mlgs of xanax, found a doctor and he is letting me switch to only up to 50 mlgs of valium. So as of now I'm cutting the xanax .5 by four parts and every week to 2 weeks depending on it I make another cut till the xanax is out and I have just the valium to taper from. I started slow because slow is best, your still going to or might feel it. I had nausea and chills and was dizzy. But over time I would level out and make the next cut.

What's helps is sea bands for nausea, my doctor gave me two types of nausea meds and one makes me sleepy so it helps with the anxiety I get. Ask for anti nausea meds instead of just dealing. But keep in mind some might change your withdrawal feelings. Compazine I believe it to be called and I'm not sure of the spelling is what helps me, but you have to speak to your doctor. Make yourself eat small meals even if you don't feel hungry because anxiety can mask hunger and once you eat it can ease it. Go in a room and cry, scream, pray, yell and get all the venting you have bottled up out. It helps me so much, there is only so much my family and friends want to hear. Crying helps release built up pressure and can make you tired so its easier to sleep. Find a t.v show or movie to get your mind off things, try ginseng it helps with anxity and stress as well as cleared up my faceof acne, always carry a sweater around in case you get the chills. Stay away from ciggs and caffine, or any places or things you might have to do that will make your anxiety worse. Don't care what other people think, your stronger then them. Get a pet, in my case a simese fighting fish, so you can have your moment when your in bed and have something soothing to watch. Plus it helps because you have to care for it so it makes you function and can help get your mind off of stuff.

These are the things that help me, I hope they can help you. I pray the rest of my taper does not get worse, but I know how cold turkey feels like and knowing I won't even feel that way helps. 5 mlgs down 55 more to go. Wish me luck and remember stay postive even when you want to give up cuz it with smooth out at some point. It has for me so far.

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Thanks Nicole, great ideas. I have cats that help ease my stress when i stroke them, they all pile onto my bed at night, it´s comforting but i know that fish are supposed to be a great visual mind relaxer, i am not going to get a tank but i am going to order a Blu-ray aqaurium... there are many out there that mimic the same, i figure it will be a good substitute.


You have a great attitude... hang on to it OK?




I have a tip for anxiety: When in bed in the day and/or evening, have the TV on but volume really very low, almost inaudible... for me it sets the tone for calm and quiet, it helps me anyway.



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