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The whole benzo withdrawal thing...


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It took me way! too long to figure out this introduction procedure. Anyway, looks like there is a lot of information on this site. I suppose if I just read through maybe I could figure out the answers to my problems/questions. Basically, I had no idea that this drug lead to a withdrawal until I tried to quit. Then I found myself sitting here on the couch saying help, help, help.  Then my spousal equivalent suggested it was perhaps the klonopin withdrawal. So I read a little, but I'm unsure of some things.


Note: I had never taken any other prescription medication.  I was prescribed .5mg x 4 times a day. 

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Welcome to Benzo Buddies,


You will find plenty of support here.


Unfortunately Klonopin does have withdrawal, and should be tapered.

Are you on board with your doctor or Psychiatrist?


If you have any questions, let us know.

Others will be around to weigh in shortly.


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hi goto please see your doctor for tapering plans you want to go very slow and take your time there's no hurry withdrawls will be much more milder keep us poster on how you are doing an remember slow tapering is the key!! love in JESUS kate7
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Welcome goto,

Yes, most (or all) of us were also unpleasantly surprised by what we needed to go through to get off prescription benzodiazepines.  This is a great site for support for your tapering and reassurance that your symptoms are withdrawal related, if they indicate a need for medical help, slowing down your tapering schedule or how to deal with the withdrawal.


It takes awhile to navigate the website but it's worth it.  I remember the confusion of the introduction and adding a "signature" (telling what you're taking and your progress as you taper) so everyone reading knows where you are with your meds and tapering schedule.


What withdrawal symptoms are you dealing with right now? 


Challis ;)

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Welcome to BenzoBuddies


withdrawal can be very severe even for people who were taking small doses for short periods of time. Going off cold turkey may be the fastest way to get off the drugs, but once you're off , the withdrawal can last longer than if you taper slower. Overall the best outcome for most people is a slow withdrawal over a period of months.  Hopefully you can find a doctor who is willing to work with you, most are ill-informed and think that you can just get off the drugs within a matter of weeks. Even if your doctor doesn't completely agree, he or she may be willing to agree to have you do it your way.

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Well the medication had made me desperately depressed.

So after I went cold turkey in January.. I got back on but I cut down to three tablets (instead of  4 (.5mg))  which I tolerated really well. I stayed at that level for three weeks.

BUT medication still was giving me insanely bad side effects. The depression and also everything was just a blur.

So then I cut down to 1.75 which I tolerated okay. I stayed at that for a week.  And then down to 1.5 which I tolerated okay. But I still had heavy side effects from the drug and wanted off. It was when I made the cut to 1.25 that I started to not do well again. I think I did that a week ago.

BUT at 1.25 the fuzzy thinking (or basically feeling like I've been living in pudding) was gone and that part was nice.

But I was doing so bad (emotionally, mentally) at 1.25 that...

Last night after reading this forum I gave myself permission to go back up to 1.5. Which I felt bad about because my goal is to GTH off. But I feel better so far today. So I guess I will make the cut from 1.5 to 1.25 more gradually. Possibly using that titration method I just learned about because the pills are tiny.

I am considering switching to valium to do the switch. And no I haven't seen my doctor yet as he's very booked and I won't be able to see him for 2.5 months.


So perhaps the transition from 2mg to 1.25mg (klonopin) in...math..math.. 1.5 months was too quick?


And challis99 (was it?) The withdrawal symptoms I was dealing went cold turkey.. I can't even describe.

The withdrawal symptoms I dealt with at 1.25..again it's hard to describe. Not good is all I can say.

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Yup 2 months too quick.  Tired that and failed. 


I am estimate that a fast Withdrawal for me will me 4 to 6 months more and possibly longer.  I had no problem switching to Valium and it made life easier for me.  Easier than being on your drug, but still not symptomless.  I have cut 50% dose in two months, but I expect the next 10% a month or so.  It is exponential, the lower you go, the slower you go and the smaller the cuts.  It can take some time.  I wish I can get it over fast just like you.


Sounds like what I read. we will suffer for the year or so during the Withdrawal process, either the cold turkey way (severe withdrawal) or the slow taper (less symptoms but taking the medications carefully for the time until you are off of it.  So it is your choice.

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Yeah, it's a really strange thing. Because once you notice how terrible this stuff is you want off, but you can't just do that!

But another thing that baffles me is that I started taking this last summer. So really...not that long. I worry on some level taking it longer gives my body more opportunity to get dependent. Hopefully not the case.

It's just weird to have to continue to take something that's as helpful as rat poison. And probably just as toxic.

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I took it for a short time, less than a year too and the benefit was mild.  I really did not reap huge benefits to deserve the pain of withdrawing off this stuff.  Basicly, it should be taken off the market.


Basicly, I remember I took paxil and was able to step away from a disabiling depression which kept me in an abusive relationship.  Took Paxil 5 weeks, kicked him out, started a new life.  The paxil withdrawal was awful too, a couple of months.  But the net benefit showed that I was still ahead. 


With the Benzo, it made life mildly less miserable and I was less likely to get angry at my son and I was able to make some good decisions, but I can't attribute that all to the drug.  I was not in a disabling depression, I was functioning at a very high level, actually.  I was on disability for chrinic broinchitis due to environmental issues.


But then I did come to the conclusion that I would be better off moving where I can breath and not be sick, had to go bankrupt to acomplish this and moving to a community that I liked better.  So with all that done, I also figured, I was done with the benzo.


Not so.  I am more dibilatated than ever.  I can't predict what days are good or bad.  I can be completely cognatively comprimised, to the point that I can't figure out how to leave the house. My 4 year old screens the phone calls.  I also have him in respite care on the weekends, a mothers helper in the morning and she takes him to daycare, until I pick him up.  I reserve my best time for him.


I feel like the benzo was a net loss.  I am not sure how I am going to get out back on track since the withdrawal is terrible!  I go to Chronic pain support groups and it isn't even real pain.. just the benzo WD pain.

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