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Ativan or Alprazolam taper first


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Hi buddies


As you can see from my signature, I am currently on relatively low doses of Ativan and Alprazolam. I think the best way to get off the two drugs (eventually) would be to taper the one first and then when I have successfully done that, start tapering the other.


Does this sound like the best way to proceed?


Which would you recommend tapering first, in your opinion or experience?


I really look forward to reading any responses, as I am desperate to get off both drugs with the least withdrawal symptoms possible.



Smiley :)



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From what I've read, both drugs are pretty hard to come off of. I tapered off of Xanax; its half life is shorter than Ativan's.  Maybe, you could could try tapering off Xanax first, and if everything goes okay you can then taper from Ativan.


How much of each are you taking? How are you taking each dose?

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Hi shaneb


I am taking 0.5mg of each per day, dosed as per my signature blurb.


Thanks for your input.


I have decided to water titrate off the Alprazolam first then the ativan.


Wish me luck :)

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Hey Smiley,


I think you would do better to taper the Ativan first.  A lot of people actually do a crossover to a benzo in order to get off the Z drug.


Good Luch,


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Hi Flip


What is the Z drug? So you think I would do better tapering off the Ativan first? The reason I am reluctant to do this is that I only use it at night to sleep, so my thinking was that even if things were not going 100% smoothly with the Alprazolam tapering during the day (i.e. i was feeling withdrawal symptoms) then at least i could still sleep at night.


On the flip side, however, I have heard horror stories about Ativan withdrawal, so perhaps it would be better to deal with that first, before I am on it any longer.


Do you think it would be totally crazy to taper on water titration at 1% per day, of both drugs at the same time?


I am a newbie to all this benzo info, and you have me intrigued.


Please enlighten me :)

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:oops:  Smiley,


I misread. Sorry. I thought you were on a sleep med like Ambien - also called Z drugs. So disregard. So sorry. :)


Here is a link to an Ativan thread that's going




Ativan is one I've never tried, but, like you, I've heard that it is in a class of it's own.  Were I you, I would tackle it first.  I would also try to find a doctor who would RX Valium for it's longer half life. But people taper successfully off every benzo.  I think Valium makes the taper a little smoother for most of us.


Hopefully you'll find some good info at the Ativan thread.  As always, keep asking questions.

Sorry for the mix up.  My eyes aren't really open yet! :D


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