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II have been tapering for about 3 years now...from 50mg/day now down to 1mg/day after crossing to Valium from Ativan.

Still a few bumps in the road!...the worst being my own impatience.

Going real slow...current issue is benzo belly.

Am past member of TRAP,which as I'm sure you know closed recently.

Very glad you folks are here 8)



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Hello Macone and welcome to Benzo Buddies!


Wow!  You have come a long way with your taper!  Congratulations!  How long were you on Ativan for?  How are you feeling all and all?


You'll find a great deal of support here on the forum.  I'm so happy you were able to find it!


All the best and take care,


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Welcome Macone,


You have done amazing with your taper and you are doing it slow and wisely.


Yes benzo belly is a common sx.  Please take a look around and post any questions you would like answered.  There are so many kind and caring people here to support you on your journey.



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