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Norco Cravings While Going Through Withdrawal?


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Hi all,


My Klonopin stopped working as far as helping my anxiety a number of years ago. I have a prescription of Norco for pain since I have Fibromyalgia. I have found at times where my anxiety is really bad, and also now as I'm going through some withdrawals, that I'm 'craving' Norco. Norco seems to calm me down, lower my fast & pounding heart rate etc. I haven't taken any today or the past few days even as I self monitor.


I try not to take a single dose more than once or twice a week max so as not to become addicted. I guess I feel like this is the only place I can admit I have cravings for Norco sometimes, especially as it is an 'out' to the anxiety for a bit. Anyone else have that? Does it affect the Benzo receptors? Just curious. I have no cravings for the K I'm withdrawing from, but then again it hasn't helped me in a long, long time. Especially curious as I've read a lot about avoiding alcohol on here as to if Norco is similar.





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Hey Emerald!



I know the feeling! Norcos can cheer a person up and increase productivity with physical labor. Since you are taking them for a legitimate purpose, it is imperative you balance being comfortable with your FM and not switching one dependency for another one. While Norco (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen) does not work on the same receptors as Benzos do, they have a profound effect on the opioid receptors and everyday use will eventually result in a painful addiction.


Please PLEASE use them in moderation, but by no means should you deprive yourself of relief from pain. Otherwise, using them as needed every few days should be completely fine. Talk to your doc and see if he can switch the medications to a non-narcotic if you are worried of developing a dependency to them. But I have a feeling You'll be fine!.  :thumbsup:


Best of luck!  :yippee:




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Hello Emerald.


Norco I know very well I was on that on and off for years after my car accident. Yes you can get craveings. Its not like a Benzo.


It plays a mind trick. It gives the sence of False Well being. Makes you feel good and calm.

Thing about pain meds is . When you do decide to stop the w/d is quick.Like days. Then its over .Physicaly. But if you have a mental addiction to it. Then you may still crave that Feeling from time to time.

It seems you dont take it to often thats good.But it has to be a personal decicion to quit and when you get that mind set to be done its so much easier.


Hang in there I hope your doing well.



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Thank you each for replying. I'd agree it gives a very False sense of well-being. I have tried non-Narcotic pain relief, but when the pain is really bad Norco OR a massage (this is preferable and helps more, but also costs more than I can afford on a regular basis). Umm...where was I? Anyhow, Norco is the main thing that helps calm down a bad flare. I am very careful of how I take it so I'm not physically addicted to it. Sometimes I can go two weeks without a flare that is so painful I need help.


However, the thing that was worrisome to me was that I experienced "cravings" for it at all...like I would for chocolate per say. I definitely don't act on those cravings unless they coincide with a bad flare, but still...kind of uncool. Never experienced a "craving" for my Benzo. Interesting.


Anyhow, ultimately, great to know it acts on different receptors. I'll continue to be super cautious of my usage of it. I've been on it for several years and keep it under control. If *someone, *Anyone had told me to use Benzos in a similar fashion (only now and then because it can be addictive) I probably wouldn't be here now. Oh well. Making the best of today to make an every better tomorrow, right?!  ;D

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