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New member :)


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Hi there


I am new to this forum and seems I have come to the right place after reading some of the posts.


3 months ago I went to my doctor for assistance with quitting drinking, and the withdrawal symptoms. I was put onto Ativan 0.5mg (at night to sleep, taken around an hour before bedtime) as well as Kinax (0.5 mg Alprazolam/day) split into 2 doses. Once late morning and one mid to late afternoon.


I have started to feel inter dosage withdrawal from the Kinax (only available in Taiwan where I live), which has me worried.

As it seems to be the case with many others, I was not warned of the dangers of benzo use and withdrawal.


I would like to start tapering off both drugs, but feel I need help and support. I am not sure if I should first taper off the one, and then only the other, or both simultaneously. I am also unsure of how fast, and by how much to taper at a time.


Please help!!! :)


Thanks a million


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Hi smileyblue, welcome to BenzoBuddies


That same thing happened to me.. I started having interdose withdrawal. Do you know the reason your doctor put you on two different benzos? Both of the benzos that you are on are short acting benzos, it might be easiest for you to switch to a longer acting benzo like klonopin or Valium (I'm not sure what those are called in Taiwan).


You'll find a lot of support and understanding here, please feel free to make yourself at home.



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Hi Smiley from Viet Nam,


I am Flip from the United States. Just welcoming you to the forum and a big congratulations on quitting drinking!


It's a very good thing that you found the forum early on in your recovery.  If you have specific questions, please just ask and you will get help.


Flip  ;D

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Hi Smileyblue :hug:


Welcome to Benzobuddies...well done on quitting alcohol i quit over 20 years ago


Have you thought of doing a crossover to diazepam (Diapine) would your GP be up for that.


Then you could taper from the one drug 10% cuts every 2 weeks


You will get a lot of support here


Margarita :thumbsup:

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Amazing what physicians think of! Of course your MD wanted to spare you some discomfort. They just don't understand . . .


Yeah, stabilizing onto a long-acting benzo makes sense. Then tapering. Go to the crossover board for help with the nuts and bolts of this challenging process. Good luck!

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Thanks for the responses. Think I will go to see my doctor on Monday and find out about the options i.e.: going onto valium or trying to taper the meds I am currently on.


Feel a bit nervous after reading the horror stories about benzo withdrawal :(


So glad to have found this forum :)


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