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Benzo Fury - Is this new or have I only just seen it?


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I've never heard of this (which may not mean squat) but it looks like, taking all of the wasted verbiage away, they are trying to sell something. What it is I have no idea.  Perhaps they are trying to suck in people who think they can get benzo-like substances from this place, again I really can't tell. 


It states:  What is Benzo Fury?

After 18 months of research and development we can finally produce 6-APB in the amounts required by the worlds scientists, research institutes, and chemistry students.


Many researchers have brought what is claimed to be Benzo Fury, but has been proven to be fake and consist of all sorts of other chemicals, many of which are illegal in most countries.


Please find below the latest certificate of Analaysis on the latest batch of Genuine Benzo Fury 6-APB


Which means absolutely nothing.  Their certificate of Analysis (they spelled that wrong above btw) looks like someone doodled on some paper.


This is bizarre...

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