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Gluten (wheat), Milk and other foods...


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I was wondering if anyone has experience where for some people certain foods like Gluten and Milk can affect the withdrawal symptoms? I so wonder why suddenly you can have a good day or 2 and then suddenly you are right back in the shakey, edgy, fear and depression. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks so much


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Some people find that certain foods cause a flare up of withdrawal symptoms.


I try to avoid stimulants such as caffeine and sugar.


However, what you're describing is quite common during withdrawal.  Many of us feel ok for a few days and then get hit again. 


Are you noticing a change in your withdrawal symptoms after consuming a product that contains gluten or milk?

Did you have problems with these foods before tapering?


You could avoid one of the foods you think might be a problem and monitor how you feel to find out if there is a connection between what you're eating and the severity of your symptoms.


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