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RUNVS's sucess story.


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I just wanted to post this success story of another member who has long been healed. I had to re-type it because it was a success story that I printed out from bw.com. It's runvs's success story. It is one of my favorite success stories that has given me a lot of hope. I hope it will give some of the long term members some hope also.  I had type it word for word as it appears (grammar errors and all).




I am 3 years off of benzodiazepine and I am completely recovered. I feel good!! For me I think it took a little longer to recover because of my previous history of some alcohol abuse prior to my benzodiazepine use. Does recovery happen? ABSOLUTELY!!! I am living proof. I was very sick my first year off of benzodiazepine. I was in bed the majority of the time. I could not even follow simple television shows. My brain was very disabled. I shook all of the time. I miss 90% of all family function for 2 years that includes holidays, family birthdays, etc. My central nervous system was just to fragile for normal life routines.



The key to my complete recovery is that I stayed away from medication and let time and nature take it's coarse. I was offer all kind of brain medication by many doctors but I refused to take them. Medication got me in this mess in the first place. I had a neurologist agree with me staying med free. I think she was a little taken back that it took thus long to recover.



At 1 year off I was still very sick and thought I could die. At 2 years off I definitely see light at the end of the tunnel. But I still had symptoms but I was slowly improving. 3 years off recovered !!



Remember we are all different. I know many people that completely recovered in a few months after they tapered off of benzodiazepine. What I have notice is symptoms seem to come in waves. A few things I notice that help with symptoms:



1. Eat every 4 hours if possible

2. Sleep when you can

3. Try to exercise(even if it's only for a few minutues)

4. Keep your mind busy (simple games seem to help)

5. Keep a journal or benzo blog so you can keeo track of your progress

(it's always great to look back and see how far you have come)

6. Share how you feel with people that understand your situation. (do not bottle up your emotions)

7. Keep outside stress to a minimum. Especially early in recovery.



Remember that your situation is only temporary. You will recover. The recover process can be very slow for some but it does happen. There are no magic potions or pills. Time is the answer.




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Hey Chris


Thanks for posting this for those of us who are in the middle of hell and thinking that recovery is impossible.



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Chris - thanks for typing that whole thing and posting it here.  I am so glad you did - I never saw the story before and I am always looking for the success stories....thanks!

Love Hoping2BFree

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Thank you too. Coming off cold turkey has been awful. This helps the light at the end of the tunnel shine a bit brighter when I can't really see it.
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