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need advise about holding plzzzz


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I'm thinking of holding my valium dose.  I've been coming down 2mg per week and I got slamed this week.  Its my second big symptom flar up. 


I've been doing prety good.  This is my 3rd attempt.  Last one was horrible.  I NEED to do it right this time. 


What are your experiences with holding? How long did you hold for?  was it a good choice? did you stabalize enough that you felt okay with continuing your w/d?


thx guys

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Tapering is all about listening to your body, seeing what it can take, and giving it a rest when you feel it's too much.


Holding is never a bad thing. Sometimes, we have to give ourselves a little rest so our body and mind can catch up.


It's suggested you hold 1-2 weeks in between cuts, but I started holding for about three weeks, the lower I got into my taper. Was it worth it? I'm not sure. I thought giving myself an extra week would stave off withdrawal symptoms, but I still got hit. No matter how long I would hold, I always felt some type of withdrawal.


Do you feel it would be best to hold a little longer?

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I hear ya......i know a slow tapper dosnt mean no protracted w/d

Im okay with that......i just want to get through the tapper right now


Ya I think holding will help me right now


Thxs :thumbsup:

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What has helped me is to base my cuts on percentages.  I determined that 6% of my last cut every two weeks is about what my body can handle.  Cutting higher makes me much less functional and is much harder for me.  I actually cut 3% every two weeks which is still 6% every two weeks, but it seems to be a smoother way to go. Ashton suggests 10%, which I find too agressive, but I like the percentage concept. 


I also notice that it's usually days 4-8 after my last cut when whatever is going to hit hardest, does.  However, although my s/x are very challenging, I don't get slammed cause apparently I'm going slow enough that previous cuts aren't adding up and hitting me.  I have bad days, some real bad, but for the most part, going slow and steady has made this unreasonable situation, a little more managable.


I'm sure, depending on how someone tolerates their cuts, a higher percentage than 6% is reasonable, but at this rate I can still work, which is a necessity for me cause as much as I love my cats, they don't make much money lol.


Hope that helps.



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