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Xanax Q, Please help!


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I was on 30mg of temazepam for 1 year, 15mg for 2 years and I steadily tapered down to 4 or 5 mg. At which point, my doctor suggested switching to Xanax to 2.5mg. This was in January. After 2 weeks on 2.5, I cut the pill in half and have been on half of a 2.5 Xanax for around 3.5 weeks now.


Im at college and Im about ready to go through midterms next week, the week thereafter is spring break. I was planning to make the final cut during spring break. I wanted to do it sooner but Im scared Ill derail my grades and all the hard work Ive put into school. However, Ive been sleeping terribly for the past week which is making me feel very desperate to updose (i only take xanax at night). I feel like Im burning myself out and am a wreck physically and mentally by the end of the day...and that end of the day seems to get earlier and earlier.


I thought before I updosed, I would come here and try to get some support and advice. I dont want to undo the hard work Ive put into getting off benzos but I dont want to mess with all the hard work Ive put into school- its my last semester. Please help!



Did I taper too fast? Did I stay on this dose too long? Should I go back on 2.5mg and taper off during spring break? In between, 4 days after each cut off (from Temzaepam 4-5mg to Xanax 2.5, to Xanax 1/2 of 2.5mg), I felt great. The 4 days directly after cut sucked but it was beaable... I dont know what tot do because its getting unbearable now and Im losing my will to stay at this dose.

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