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Anyone had BAD nausea during crossover to Valium? Peart method too quick?


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I posted this same thing on my other thread, so I am sorry to be repeating it, but the more help I can get the better here.


I am going to attempt finishing my crossover to Valium by using the Peart Method--which goes faster than Ashton--but then he holds for a month.  He said it's good for those in "tolderance withdrawal".  Anyways, I cut 1/3 of my dose out on Monday and by yesterday my nausea was through the roof--in fact last night was one of the worst and scariest nights on this whole journey.  I fell asleep around 9:30 but then woke at 11:30 with severe nausea.  The nausea was so severe it kept me up ALL NIGHT.  It is still VERY SEVERE today and I know I have to go force feed myself but not looking forward to it.  It is relentless 24/7.  It has gotten worse and worse since last Friday morning.  It will not let up even for a second!  I feel like I have the stomach flu non stop!


I feel like I am thrown back into acute withdrawal again--but last time my actue withdrawal didn't have nausea--so why is it showing up now???  Even though I am crossing over, my body must be suffering from the major drop in Ativan.  I feel so sick.  Nausea hasn't really been much of a problem for me the last few months and now it is very severe.  I don't know what to do but am thinking a 1/3 drop was too big and that today I will move it to a 1/6 drop instead.  But then I will be removing some of the Valium to add back in 1/6 more of the Ativan--it would be an even exchange but will I then feel Valium withdrawals too now that I've been on the increased valium for 2 days??


Has anyone had severe nausea during the crossover????  Do you think I am crossing over too quickly??  Should I do a correction dose and go back up on the Ativan 50% and down on the Valium 50%??  Or just hold it out??

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