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I think I figured it out.


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So I'm REALLY doing well I think... compared of the past few days.


Yesterday was a better day too.. besides the tornado that ripped through my town lastnight. (late night, lost our shopping center we part own.) Thank God nobody was killed. 28 injured though.


Anyways, so s/x that happened last week that started a lot of this is that I remember feeling good Last Thursday, then while cleaning my house, I felt everytime I stood up my blood pressure felt strange.. and I felt off. That kind of got me panicky for a minute.


THEN. While that was going on my sister called me saying that her boyfriend, who was playing around with my kids the night before was up puking all night with a flu. I HATE the stomach flu... this sent me into a panic monitoring my son most of the night.


So there's 2 stresses on top of eachother.


I didnt sleep that night, the next day wasnt very good, heart palps started... then no sleep... then saturday was the worst... with barley any sleep, heart palps, some bad anxiety... felt like I couldnt breath right... throat began to feel tight... felt a constant feeling of uneasiness/derealalization almost. Could have been the sleep deprivation too causing the DR too. It was just AWFUL.


Then the fear came of having insomnia saturday night... but I actually slept a good 5-6 hours that night, and Sunday I felt much better.


Throat still felt tight, felt like it was hard to breath sometimes... BUT I KNOW IT WASNT REAL. Because if I got distracted I noticed the symptoms less.


Monday was better... still some breathing feelings, and tight throat. But overal good. Same with tuesday.


I was even laughing and appetite came back. =)


With the tornado... of course my nerves were up a lot. But it took my focus off my breathing stuff and tight throat. Put things in perspective. Sad sometimes it takes a tragedy to take our minds off things that we seem to magnify that really arent that important. My town is a wreck.


Also! The reason for my tight throat (im sure it could still be a tad of anxiety/stress)  but ive been having to CLEAR MY THROAT like crazy lately.


Allergies duh! My wife and everyone is miserable with them right now.


It's in the bottom of my throat near my adams apple.




I know that my heart rate is more calm... so thats a good indicator that it was just anxiety and or benzo w/d flare up... and my anxiety is mostly gone! =)


I'm reading a great book too (will write more about it by Dr. Burns, it's a Feeling Good book but for ANXIETY. It's terrific.)




I'm fixing to go document the tornado damage right now. =/

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Hey cnotr!!


Yes stress DEFINETLY will cause  s/x to flare up. I experienced that 2 days ago and it sent me into a mini wave right now but feeling a bit better today. The point is not to overthink even if u do get sent into these waves, it passes and ull get better. It just sucks that any kind of stress can throw us off right now :/ . oh well have to keep moving forward. Hope everything is great wit you!

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