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Rocky Withdrawal - need help


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So I had an aggressive taper off Klonopin due to severe dry mouth/throat and burning chest symptoms that were keeping up at night. Took the last .125mg last Friday.


Since then am getting terrible insomnia - Sun/Mon/Tues nights got 2/4/3 hours of sleep. Don't know if I can function much longer with that little amount of sleep. My heart is pounding and I feel weak.


Good news is the dry mouth/throat and burning chest symptoms are easing up. Last night I did not have an intense urge to pee, which has been a problem. That seems to be my Ray of Hope for the day.


Another member suggested I am suffering needlessly and said an option is to go back on 5mg Valium.


So just went online and found out Valium does have a side effect of dry mouth.


Also if I start on 5mg valium to taper that looks like a minimum of 5 weeks to taper off that.


I am really really confused and sleep deprived. Advice anyone?

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Early withdrawal is hell.


This is the kind of thing that makes us realize how strong we really are or can be.


Treat your symptoms as best you can and use all the coping skills you can muster. Then let time pass.  If you're so tired you're confused, write some affirmative messages down on cards and post them in your living space, in order to guide you through the tough times. If "suffering needlessly" were avoidable, this forum wouldn't exist. Getting off benzos just plain ol hard as hell.

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