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A Poem on Blame


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This is a Poem I wrote, on a (hopefully hidden) blog. Though I never kept my madwoman blog going :D


Today I'll blame it on the rain.


You can blame it on the sunshine

You can blame it on the years

You can blame it on yourself

Or you can blame it on the tears


If you blame it on me

I will gladly take the blame

I can blame it on the hurt your in

Cuz all I see is pain


In the games people play

The blame game is my least

In the end it's easiest

To blame the ones deceased.




My 5 year old son, after an explaination on usafe people. Like the Psychopathic criminals that live in my neighborhood:


Dear God.

I am not gooder than him.

He is not gooder than us.

We are not gooder than anyone.

But now, he can't talk to us.

So please God. Help him be gooder.


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