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Numb tingling sensations. Hyper sensitive to touch. Dizzy too


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Hoping to hear from anyone that has experienced really severe numb or tingling sensations. mine are throughout my bhead, body and limbs. Worse in my legs. Saw nero today and when he tested reflexes in my legs I had very jumpy / spastic reactions. Also could not tap the toes of either foot quickly??? When I tried it just seemed to spasm. I have a nerve conduction test tomorrow.


After coming to this site I think my WD schedule was too fast. came off 2mg of xanax over three weeks and quit ambien CT when I started xanax WD. Had been taking more and mixing alcohol.... bad idea. I did quit drinking 12-15-2011 and looking forward to sober life again.


trying to decide if I should go on valium and do a much much more gradual taper. Neuro thinks I have general anxiety and said today I should consider just taking xanax the way a diabetic takes insulin.... I know we all want to kick benzos but are there people out there that do succesfully use them to manage a disorder.


Really happy I found this site. Know first hand how helpful a support group is. I was completely sober for 16 years before a major alcohol and scrip drug slip in 2006 that lasted 6 years and should have killed me.


Thx. Everyone

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