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horrible leg stiffness


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I have had severe leg stiffness for about 2 years now since while I was on xanax, when I moved to valium and now six weeks off valium it is worse.  It is so embarrasing...sometimes I feel like if I could move like I used to my panic attacks and agoraphobia would go away.  I feel like my legs are literally frozen and when I walk I curl my toes down like I am trying to hold on.  When I stand still I have to hold on to something or else my legs start shaking.  Does anyone else have this symptom or do I have MS or muscular dystrophy?  I am afraid to see the doctor about it as I know I will just get more medication. 


Heres an interesting story though:  The very first time I had xanax was a few years before I took it on a regular basis and got hooked on it.  I had pneumonia and went to the emergency room.  There was some question about whether I would have to be hospitalized and I got very upset.  They gave me a shot of 1 mg xanax.  Well the following week my pneumonia cleared up just fine but I had this inability to walk normally just like now.  I went for tests and they couldn't find anything.  It cleared up in about a week.  So I figure, 1 mg screwed up my legs for a week...how long will it take for five years of daily benzo use?  Oh god.  If only I had put two and two together. 


If anyone has a similar story would sure love to hear it.  Thanks, Kathy. 

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