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I was taking diazepame for 6 years, and i gradually started coming off. I was taking o.5 mg untill the last week. I am 6 days clean now and I am very scared ...
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Welcoming you to Benzo Buddies.


You will find lots of support here.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Others will be around to weigh in soon.


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Welcome Maja,


Can you tell us a little more?  How high was your dose and how fast did you taper?  How long did you hold the .5 mg before stopping?


Are you under a physicians care in this?

Do you drink alcohol?


We do not wish to judge you. Only to help you.


Your fear is very normal, especially after a quick taper. Our brains have in effect been temporarily altered by benzos and are not able to handle the anxiety as well.  It will get better in time.


Keep posting, OK?  There are a lot of compassionate and wise people here who have gone through what you are going through,  remember not to hold your breath when you're  afraid. It sounds crazy to say, but we do tend to hold our breath or breathe very shallowly when anxiety is high. Take a few deep breaths from your belly and send us back a note.

It will be OK,


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30 mg od diasepam from 2006

20 mg diasepam from August 2011 and slowly to 0.5 mg. Because i found out that i got pregnant i was taking 0.5 mg only for six days. At the moment i am six days clean :) But my head is feeling strange, and this deja vu feeling is killing me.

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OK, good for you! And congratulations!


It is very good that you were already down to half a milligram. That's very doable. Not comfortable, but doable.


Now, what do you need?  People will band together with you and offer their considerable collection of cooping skills. 


My best ones are breathing mindfully. Paying attention to the breath entering and leaving your body.  On inhale, let every thing you are fearing at that moment come up. Embrace the fear.  On exhale think if something different. It doesnt matter what really, although a beautiful scene or memory is good.  Since your mind only has a split second between in and out breaths, you can find countless ways to visualize.  This is based on several religious practices. As in breathe in hitler, breathe out Jesus or Budda.


Immerse yourself in peace. Yoga is excellent and Sarah Norris just posted a link that says Yoga helps reactivate GABA receptors.  Can you find a yoga during pregnancy YouTube video right now? Start trying it. The body is connected to the mind.  There is no separation.  Sometimes you can calm the mind by calming the body.


Hopefully others will weigh in on ther favorite relaxation methods.  This does take some time, Maja, but you can kick start the process by doing things that relax both mind and body.


You can do this!


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