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Ruby12 has been inboxing me and everytime I respond, the msg cant be delivered because her inbox is full.  This has been going on for at least a month.  I don't know how to let her know to empty her inbox. 


Hi Ruby!  I wrote a long response to ur last msg and u never got it becas ur inbox was full.  I hope u have since cleaned it out and get this msg.  Actually, five months before I stopped the benzos, I switched to ativan.  (I asked because I thought that maybe it wasnt as strong as the xanax.)  didnt want to get addicted haha! Yes, I'd have to say the symptoms r SLOWLY getting better.  I am still in a very bad way.  Could never hold a full time job.  i have INCREDIBLE cruel DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY...just to mention a couple sx.  I also not only have "jelly legs" but "jelly hands" "jelly arms" "jelly ankles"  jelly every joint and muscle.  I am ashamed to admit that i am a nurse and knew these meds r addicting...just thought I'd suffer thru withdrawal a couple weeks and that wud be it.  Just goes to show how some medical people dont have a clue.  I even worked in a detox some yrs ago.  I had some extreme stress a few yrs back.  To keep my crohns dx from flaring, i took the benzos.  Well, this withdrawal is worse than the anxiety i was having when i started the benzos to begin with. I take one baby step forward one giant one back. I have 4 kids, a husband and 2 dogs.  Can't believe this is happening. Im finding some things fire off my sx.  ie:vitamins, carbs, alcohol, a cold, caffeine  How r u?  <3 Candy

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