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Just registered and I'm posting message as requested.


Discontinued 3 Mg. of Xanax about 45 days ago after tapering to 2 Mg and then eventually down to 1/2 Mg. per day over a 30 day period supervised by my doctor. Also quit Ambien and Alcohol 70 days ago. Have been using all for the last five years plus prescribed Hydrocodone which I did succesfully quit 6 months ago.


Now I have severe numbing and tingling throughout my body every day. Condition has not improved. Doctor has referred me to Neurologist.


Same condition 3 years ago when I quit Xanax, Ambien and Alcohol. Symptons were not as severe but I did see a Neurologist and had MRI etc. with normal results. Symptons persisted and I was referred to pain specialist and started back on Xanax, Ambien and Hydrocodone. Eventually started Alcohol again.


I'm. 49 year old male. Was entirely sober from age 26 to age 43. Went through stressful divorce. Lead to anxiety and prescribed Xanax and off to the races for 6 1/2 years. Back to program I know and want to be completely off all drugs and alcohol.


Concerned that I have done permanent damage with either Xanax or Alcohol. Cannot function with constant numbness and tingling. Causes dizziness and sensation that my whole body is buzzing.


Happy to be on this site finaly. 

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Hi Jackinvegas4, welcome to BenzoBuddies


Wow, you've got great will to have quit all those substances before, I'm sorry that you're currently having a problem. Sometimes some symptoms can last quite a while but they eventually go away. A lot of us feel like we're damaged but find that after time things subside. You'll find plenty of support and understanding here, I'm glad you found us.



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Really did not do so well last time 3 years ago. Numbing sensation but not as bad as now caused me to see a pain specialist get back on Hydro, Xanax, Ambien and then eventually Alcohol. Probably shouldn't have survived.


Have been off Hydro since June 2011. Not really a problem. When I quit Alcohol on 12-15-2011 numbing / tingling started. Tapered off Xanax from 2 MG to 0 MG from 1-1-2012 to 1-30-2012. Quit Ambien without taper.


Numbing / Tingling is now debilitating. I can't and won't li  :idiot: :idiot: :idiot:ve like this - no quality of life. Took about 1/2 MG of Xanax each day for 5 days I was in Palm Springs 2-08-2012 through 2-12-2012. COULD NOT HAVE DONE GOLF WKND. WITHOUT IT. Felt OK - not perfect but alive. Now back to horrific. 1 year ago on meds and alcohol I was hiking snow skiing and ACTIVE. Now I'm a Zombie.


Really considering going back on meds without ANY alcohol. I'm 49 and want to love the rest of the life I have. Quality not Quantity.


If anyone knows of any meds. I can take for Parastesia symptons rather than going back on Xanax... Please Help.... Thank You 

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