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I am shocked a how difficult the benzo withdrawal is.


Innocently enough, I started with Zopliclone because my just recent boyfriend (no longer) who was  a pharmacist was dependant on them but they worked for him!


So about four weeks in, I felt the dependance and then tapered quickly off (over about a week) and then a week of recovery or maybe more... this was about 18 months ago.


I became disabled about 14 months ago, now off work.


I had a trial of 1mg ativan a day, one week and it WORKED! so that was my diagnosis: GED so my doc said get off of them.  Stopped cold turkey, suffered about 2 weeks.


So then 2 specialists and my doc suggested that I could try clonazapam... just a small dose and it didn't do anything but since three docs thought it might do some good, I tried .25 mg 1-2 twice a day as needed.  Started with .5 at night and eventually .25 am and .25 at night.


It worked for while.  Kept things easy and I felt ready to get off them.  But then I tapered over 4 weeks (every 4 days) and couldn't handlee it, went back to the 0.5 a day but over a period of 4- months, all sort of crazy effects on my body.  Then a doc suggested .5 am and HS.


So it was evident that tolerance withrawal, which I suffered for about 4 months, was the problem.  No doc knew what the problem was.  Got worse and worse, finally into psychiatrist and we decided to switch to Valium and I have tapered about 50% now... about 2 months later now. 


But I am starting to feel it. So now I am here. Depressed, in pain.  It's not as bad as the tolerance withdrawal, but I am afraid.  Do I keep the dose the same ( I switched 2 days ago) to 10 mg from 11 mg Valium, or go back to 11 mg?  My doc pushes decreases (like 30% in 3 weeks.)    anyway... I guess I am getting too detailed here... I'm not spam, I am in pain.

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Hi Memories, welcome to BenzoBuddies


I'm glad you found us. I didn't taper off but I know that many members typically have a little harder time once they get to the lower doses. Actually a pharmacist told me that once a person tapers to a lower amount they could slow it down a little, that it may help. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, we can offer you a lot of support.


Welcome aboard, Star

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I'm confused.  (part of the problem!) how do I do more on this forum? am I approved?  Is this anxiety talking?


Yes, you've been approved, Memories. Take your time getting to know the forum. Read the different boards. Get a feel for the place. If you have questions, please feel free to post them. Our members are very knowledgeable, compassionate and very supportive.


I'm glad you're here.  :)




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Ok.. bad taper over... seeing pdoc next week.


I found out that I have a chronic condition that is arthritic and causes me pain.  In withdrawal the pain is searing.  So there is treatment for the condition!  It also makes me hypomanic.  I just can't beleive all drugs make me hypomanic...  It is crazy! 


So I think I will tell the pdoc how long it will take to adjust my predisone dose (cutting down to 25 mg 1 week cuts each week probably until I am at 5 mg)


While adjusting the prednisone, i need to find the right amount of mood stabilizer (I needed 125mg before, but 300 mg on 50 mg predinsone) and when I am off the rolllercoaster for at least two weeks, THEN, I am going to do my next taper, which i hope will be daily drops to make the cuts.


I think I need to make sure my neck ain't broken (got an xray today.)  That my chronic pain is gone, like not ignored, but actually GONE! and then start a taper again. 


I want to rebuild a relationship with my son.  I need to get the bankrupcy over-with (September 29th!)  Get my son into kindergarten (so I need to change child care arrangements) and then only then I can get serious with the low dose taper!  So that is like October-December and then It looks like I might be able to live a full life again. 

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