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Sometimes you just gotta laugh


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Today I opened up a bottle of my favorite juiced vegetables. It's a drink that I've drank for years. Anyways I open it up take a pretty large gulp because it's not the greatest tasting thing in the world so I like to get finished with it quick. I take a gulp and am horrifie by the taste. It tasted so rancid and pickled. I had already swallowed it before I realized it was bad. Needless to say it put me in sorta a panic. I went to the backyard, couldn't use the bathroom because the movers are packing up the house. I get my self to throw up 5 times and basically purge my gut because I was terrified atthe idea of food poisoning. I call my sister and tell her thst the drink was bad. When she gets home she try's a drink from the same batch to see if they're all bad and sure enough it was, or was it? She then red the ingredients and it was a different drink entirely, having lime lemons and Ginger in it (Which would explain the taste). It was still the same color and almost identical packaging (it was the same brand). My sis and I had a good laugh about it.
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Yea I can't say it was funny while I was throwing up or thinking that I had been poisoned. After the fact, once I realized what the drink actually was, I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole thing.
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