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Rapid Heart Rate


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I'm not sure where to put this but figured here was as good as anywhere.  I've been experiencing my heart rate really kicking up over the past month.  Was talking to my stepson about it and he gave me really good advice. 

He is in the Marine Corp. and was sent to Iraq in 05-07 ...he told me that when I feel my heart rate to pick up to put my hands over my head until it passes.  I tried this today and within a minute or two, my heart rate slowed down.  I've only tried it once but hey, it worked!  Fluke?  I don't know but figured I would post this here for the ones that are having a rapid heart rate.  It may not work the next time but it's worth a shot.  What's the worse that can happen besides being in public, standing there with your hands over your head?  lol.

He said that when he would have to run and his/other guys heart rates got up, they were told to stretch their arms above their heads and it would pull some of the blood away from their heart and slow it down quicker.

Thought I would throw this out there in case there is something to it.

Best Wishes to my BB's!

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