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So this happens every now and again where my anxiety kicks in to full gear in the AM for no reason. This morning I was driving to work and I started feeling like I was going to lose it. These s/x are ridiculous and seem to flare up more so in the morning. They have me feeling d/p and d/r really bad most times. I feel like I am going to die most of the time. I hope and pray that I can get through this with God's help. It isn't easy and I keep pushing myself because I know I need too. I hope each of you know that this suffering will teach us alot about ourselves. I am not giving up and if I do it will be because God is calling me home, not me! Which means I am going to tough this out. Does anyone else get this symptom or get hot flashes followed by crazy rage or mania feeling? So many side effects one little pill. :(
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