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Tapering off temazepam


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Hi there,


Atm i am pregnant (15 weeks 1 day today) so i have roughly 25 weeks or so to be off as much of my benzo as possible.


Some people have suggested I taper off naturally (no subs, no titration)


A lot of people have suggested i c/o to diazepam (valium) and cut 1mg per week so roughly takin 25 weeks or so to get down to around 1-2mg of diazepam.


im just wanting some info on what people have experienced while doing the cross over method, obviously my baby is the main factor here and i am utterly confused about the whole thing .


My dosage atm is 20mg temazepam nightly (every night)


I have tried cutting down to 15mg which is ok for maybe 2 or 3 nights then bam the symptoms start.


Im just so confused as much as I want to get off my medication, i dont want to be a wreck as palps, high bp obviously isnt good for my baby either.


can anyone offer any advise at all? xxxx

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May i also add that i suffer from severe, severe anxiety and I have been warned that this can be bad for the baby too so i am looking for the best way to get free without the more severe symptoms coming back






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My Dr has now started my c/o withdrawl, I am currently taking 10mg of temazepam with 5mg of diazepam, cutting down to 0mg temazepam and substituting with 10mg of diazepam, with 1mg cuts every 2 weeks in the hopes of being benzo free in around 20weeks. She is following the Ashton manual for this so i hope it works and i find it easier than the massive 5mg cuts of temazepam she was attempting to make me do.


Thanks to everyone who sent me some msgs of support it was awesome


thank you


Kitty xx :D

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