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Found some old posts from a guy previously on the forum that really helped.


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Not sure if this guy ever wrote a success story, but somehow I was led to his posts today and found them very uplifting.  I think some people improve and never actually write a success story.  His name is "Revolution Blue" if anyone remembers him?


Here is a quote of his that really hit home for me,


"These pills have a way of changing your brain and all the symptoms you feel is your mind's way of trying to get back it's balance. It is really a miracle actually. Your brain feels something in there that should not be and will fight with whatever might it has to get back to normal. You will be fine."


I really liked this quote as I think it puts a different perspective on our withdrawals.  Our brains really are a working miracle!!  Oh, and this guy healed 100% (I am assuming).  Here is a link to his profile and you can read his posts.


Thanks Rev. Blue--whoever you are! LOL



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Thank you Tina for posting that :)


I remember being told of that similar perspective earlier by Hope on the Positive Pledge thread, and being reminded of it here lifts me up after having a bad night and rough morning.


It's true that our brains are working very hard right now, and doing what they can. We just need to hold on and have faith that in time, we will fully recover.




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Dear Tina,


I stumbled across this thread and want to thank you for posting this very uplifting and encouraging perspective.  It really helps me today. 


I am thinking of you.  Please let me know how you are doing.  :) Many Hugs, Klonkers

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